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The Richard III Society

Promoting research into the life and times of Richard III since 1924

Patron: HRH The Duke of Gloucester KG GCVO

| Dates that the new Richard III Standard will be flying at Middleham Castle: 1 February: Richard III marries Anne 1473 | 16 March: Queen Anne’s death 1485 | 26 March: Reburial in Leicester of Richard III in 2015 | 16 April: Edward of Middleham died 1484 | 29 June: Richard III granted the Neville strongholds of Middleham, Sheriff Hutton and Penrith 1471 | 1-2 July: Middleham Fesitval | 6 July: Richard III crowned 1483 | 22 August: Richard III died 1485 | 2 October: Birth of Richard III 1452 |

Crammond Inn, Edinburgh - the 'Looking for Richard Project' began here on 21st February 2009 © Philippa Langley |
Richard's gravesite - the remains found during the Greyfriars dig were confirmed as being Richard III on 4th February 2013 © Amanda Geary |
The Bowyer Tower, Tower of London - George, Duke of Clarence was executed here on 18th February 1478 © Amanda Geary  |       


Richard III by Andrew JamiesonRichard III by Andrew Jamieson,
© Richard III Society.

Welcome to the website of the Richard III Society. We have been working since 1924 to secure a more balanced assessment of the king and to support research into his life and times. The rediscovery of his remains and their re-interment in Leicester Cathedral have raised the king’s profile and provided us with new opportunities to make the case for a reappraisal of his life and role in English history.


Why a society?

"… the purpose—and indeed the strength—of the Richard III Society derives from the belief that the truth is more powerful than lies; a faith that even after all these centuries the truth is important. It is proof of our sense of civilised values that something as esoteric and as fragile as reputation is worth campaigning for." Our Patron - the present Richard, Duke of Gloucester. more


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Agreement regarding use of images

'A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreement with the University of Leicester regarding the appropriate use of the images of King Richard’s remains has been obtained. Following a meeting with the University on 29th July 2016 to discuss the use of images, Philippa and I are pleased to announce that the MoU between our two organisations has now been signed and is published here.'

Phil Stone, Society Chairman.

Read full statement.

Latest News

It is with sadness that we report the death of Pamela Tudor-Craig, Lady Wedgwood, at the age of 89. She was a medieval art historian of note and a good friend in her time to the cause of Richard III. It was she who curated the 1973 National Portrait Gallery exhibition which very much brought Richard III into the public domain. Also, she was involved in the 'Trial of Richard III' on Channel 4 in 1984. There will be a full tribute in the March edition of the Ricardian Bulletin.


Greyfriars site

It has been announced that the Greyfriars site in Leicester — the original burial place of King Richard — has been granted Scheduled Monument status, protecting it from further development. Chairman of the Society, Dr Phil Stone, said: 'This is wonderful news! Members of the Richard III Society and the Looking for Richard Project are delighted to learn that the grave site of the last Plantagenet king is to be protected from the risk of further development.'


Membership Renewal reminder

An increase in annual membership subscriptions came into force for existing members for the 2017/18 Ricardian year. The new rates were widely publicised in the Ricardian Bulletin and, for those who are registered, via RIII Mailings. Unfortunately, a number of members have not adjusted their payments and thus an underpayment had been recorded for them. Unless this oversight is rectified by Friday 17th November their new membership card will not be enclosed with the December Bulletin.

Current subscription rates can be found on the Membership page.


Wreath laying – 2 October 2017

Clifton Martin of the Richard III Society laid a wreath on King Richard's tomb this morning to commemorate the King's birth on 2nd October 1452. more …


John Ashdown-Hill

As John is no longer able to take bookings for talks, he has added updated versions of some of his Powerpoint presentations on his web site where you can download them to view.


Membership Card Discounts

The list of venues which offer discounted entry rates for holders of a Richard III Society membership card.


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Looking for Richard III

Question: What took three years, untold amounts of grit and graft, and produced a glittering result?

Answer: Philippa Langley's quest for the lost grave of Richard III.

Many, including academics and archaeologists – not to mention the media – are still reeling from a success that can only be called stunning!

Phlippa Langley next to the grave
Philippa Langley next to the grave.

Philippa Langley knew King Richard III had been 'piteously slain' at Bosworth Field. And she knew the Franciscan Friars of Leicester had laid him to rest in a simple grave. But where to look? Was he still there? And would they let her try to find him?

On 25 August 2012 Philippa Langley's quest for the lost grave of Richard III finally came to fruition!

Find out more …


Looking for Richard FAQs

The Looking for Richard team have compiled some frequently asked questions about the project that found King Richard's final resting place in 2012.


Open letter

Philippa's open letter to the Dean of Leicester Cathedral regarding Shakespeare's Richard III can be read on her website here.


Missing Princes Project

Learn more about Philippa’s exciting new research project, and how you can help.


Richard III: Honoured at last

RIII tombRead the Reburial Diary and Events held by the Society during the historic week in March 2015 and first anniversary in March 2016.

Society Events 2018

Events confirmed for 2018

• 12—15 April: Triennial Conference 'Medieval Coventry', Burleigh Court, Loughborough

• 30 June: Leicestershire Branch Study Day

• 19 August: Bosworth Commemoration and Medieval Festival

• 29 September: AGM and Members Day at De Montfort University, Leicester

• 13 October: Norfolk Branch Study Day

• 15 December: Christmas at Fotheringhay

The full Society Events page can be viewed here.

Fotheringhay Church in the snow


2018 festivals

The Society will also have stalls at the following 2018 festivals:

• 7—8 July: Middleham Celebrates Richard III Festival

• 14—15 July: Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

• 18—19 August: Bosworth Medieval Festival


Branches & Groups events

Find out more about events organised by Society Branches and Groups in your local area and beyond.