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‘Fellowships are not offered lightly because they are designed to recognise someone outstanding whose achievements shine brightly,’ says Matthew Lewis, Chair of the Society. ‘They are people to whom we are able to demonstrate our gratitude and whose work we as a community celebrate.’

Fellowships of the Society are lifetime positions and recognise a long and invaluable contribution to the Society and to Ricardian work.

The choice of ‘Fellow’ to honour senior Ricardians is inspired in part by the Fellowship of the White Boar – the predecessor of the Society, founded in 1924 by Saxon Barton. New Fellows will be elected by a 75% majority of the Board and ratified at the next AGM. The criteria for being elected a Fellow are outstanding service to the work of the Society or in the cause of King Richard as encapsulated in the Mission Statement.

The Society currently has nine Fellows.

Kitty Bristow

A Society member for more than 50 years, Kitty served on the London Branch Committee from 1981 until 2008 and was also its Chairman for a short period. Elected a Vice-President of the Society in 2004, she is a prolific fundraiser for Society causes and became its first known centenarian in 2020.

Annette Carson

Awarded honorary life membership of the Society at the 2014 AGM for services to the Looking For Richard Project and her ground-breaking book The Maligned King which concluded that Richard was buried under the social services car park in Leicester. More recently Annette has published a new translation of the account by Dominic Mancini of the events of April to July 1483.  Annette also serves on the Board of the Society.

Peter and Carolyn Hammond

Peter served on the Executive Committee from 1970 until 2001, and was the Society’s first Research Officer in 1970, continuing until 2001 and reappointed in 2022. He is a former Society President. Peter edited The Ricardian from 1975 until 1979 and is author of several books including The Battles of Barnet and Tewkesbury and The Children of Richard III. He co-edited with Rosemary Horrox three of the four volumes of the Harleian 433, and, with Anne Sutton, The Coronation of Richard III and Richard III: The Road to Bosworth Field.

Carolyn served on the Executive Committee from 1966 until 2001 At various times she served as both Assistant Secretary and Assistant Librarian, and in 1970 became the Society Librarian, holding the post until 2001. She currently serves as Library Co-ordinator. With Valerie Alliez, Carolyn compiled Ricardian Britain in 1968 and later four revised editions.

Together Peter and Carolyn inaugurated and ran the Society’s conferences and study weekends for 20 years from 1981. They also set up the Richard III and Yorkist History Trust as a registered charity in 1985 and saw its first few books through to publication.

Michael Ibsen

Michael was awarded honorary life membership of the Society in 2015. He is the son of the late Joy Ibsen a retired Canadian journalist, who was traced as a descendant, through the female line, of King Richard’s sister Anne by Dr John Ashdown-Hill. Although Joy had provided a DNA sample for future use if Richard’s remains were found, in 2012 Michael was living in London and a further sample was taken at the Greyfriars dig, which led to the positive identification of Richard. Michael, a cabinet-maker by trade, made the English oak coffin for the King’s reinterment in 2015.

Callie Kendall Orszak

One of the daughters of Ricardian biographer Paul Murray Kendall, Callie was awarded honorary life membership of the Society in 2011, the year that she and her sister were present at Bosworth for the unveiling of the Society’s memorial bench to their father.

Philippa Langley

Philippa was awarded honorary life membership of the Society in 2013 following the success of the Looking For Richard Project and the discovery of Richard’s bones in Leicester in 2012. She was appointed MBE for ‘services to the exhumation and identification of Richard III’ in 2015. Philippa is leading The Missing Princes Project and serves on the Board of the Society.

Elizabeth Nokes

With more than 50 years membership of the Society, Elizabeth was elected to the Executive Committee in 1970, serving until 2006. She was Secretary from 1981 until 2006 and Editor of the Ricardian Bulletin from 1974 until 2006. She has been the Secretary of the London Branch since 1971.

Rob Smith

A member for more than 30 years, he has been both Chairman and Secretary of the New Zealand Branch and has been an active participant in the biennial Australasian Ricardian Conventions. He was elected as Vice-President of the Society in 2005 as a representative of the Australasian branches.